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     Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) technology uses environmental-friendly method to extract, fractionate and isolate bioactive compounds from herbal plants or other botanical matrices. It uses supercritical carbon dioxide instead of an organic solvent. The supercritical fluid state occurs when a fluid is above its critical temperature (Tc) and critical pressure (Pc), when it is between the typical gas and liquid state. This supercritical state allows CO2 to take on properties of a gas (high diffusivity, low surface tension) as well as maintaining the solvating power of a liquid.




Manipulating the temperature and pressure of the fluid can solubilize the material of interest and selectively extract it. The sample is placed in an extraction vessel and pressurized with CO2 to dissolve the sample. When transferred to a fraction collector, the contents are depressurized and the CO2 loses its solvating power causing the desired material to precipitate. The condensed CO2 can be recycled.


Supercritical fluids, due to their exceptional physical properties, provide unique opportunity as an innovative green technology. 

This workshop is held to introduce the green technology of supercritical fluid (SCF) extraction. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of supercritical processing and examples of industrial applications, with emphasis on practical implementation of the technology. 

Prof. Dr. Md. Zaidul Islam Sarker

Kulliyyah of Pharmacy

International Islamic University (IIU)



Studentspharmacists, manufacturing engineers and researchers are invited to join this workshop for an introduction to and a hands-on in this promising, green technology. It may open for you an exciting area of research for your postgraduate studies in herbal, pharmaceutical, and food processing.


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