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Halal product industry has been an emerging industry in Malaysia and all over the world. Today, halal products are not focused only on food but all products including pharmaceuticals. Since, most of Malaysian population are Muslims, the Malaysian Standard on halal pharmaceuticals has been launched to ensure that manufacturers comply with the standard to produce them. The new certification for the controlled or prescriptive medicines or ethical products developed by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) will enable Halal Pharmaceuticals to enter into more local and global markets.

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Established on 20 July 2016, The CUCMS Halal Science Centre is formed to raise awareness on halal matters and developed specialised services especially in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmeceuticals. As one of the several centre of excellence existing in CUCMS, the Halal Science Centre offers a variety of services such as reserach and development on the alternatives of gelatin and magnesium strearate in pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing, consultancy for small and medium enterprises applying for halal certification, substance analysis as well as offering training and consultancy for individuals and institutions embarking in the field of halal science.

Halal Science Centre

Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)

Mdm. Suraiya Abdul Rahman

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) or Department of Islamic Development Malaysia is the agency responsible for the Islamic affairs including halal certification in Malaysia. Therefore, JAKIM plays very important role to protect Muslim consumers in Malaysia and it is always been JAKIM’s responsibility to assure them to seek for halal products as urged by Shariah.


Mr. Muhammad Hawari Hassan

Mr. Johari Ab. Latiff

Mr. Mohd Nasir bin Sulaiman

Malaysia has been a pioneer in the development of Halal standards. The Malaysian Standard is one of five government initiatives in realising the dream of establishing Malaysia as the centre of halal food. The Malaysian Standard entitled ‘Halal Food: Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage – General Guide (MS 1500:2009) was developed under the Malaysian Standard Development System, under the wing of Department of Standardisation Malaysia (DSM), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. This standard contains practical guidelines for the food industry on the preparation and handling of halal food (including nutrient enhancers). It aims to set the ground rules for food products or food businesses in Malaysia. It will be used by JAKIM as the basis for certification whilst other requirements will also be taken into account to complete the certification process.


Ms. Nor Jalilah Md. Yusop

Ms. Siti Norehan Ishak


  • Food technologists

  • Beauty and Cosmetics technologists

  • Industrial manufacturing specialists

  • Product managers

  • Chemical engineers

  • Business development managers

  • Managing director regulators

  • Head of food analysis and inspector

  • Head of shariah department

  • Quality Control Managers

  • Research executives

  • Chemist

  • Shariah advisor

  • Import and export managers

  • Strategic project managers

  • Lecturers

  • Government officers

  • Training managers

  • Audit professionals

  • Entrepreneurs